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Our Mission: To provide technology solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the instructional process.

These products are all of the things we demand: easy to learn, easy to use and easy to fund!

County Schools Superintendent

The EZ Test Tracker is a tool that every Superintendent, Test Coordinator, Principal, Counselor, and Teacher needs at their disposal to better meet the need of their students.

High School Principal

Data Management Tools and Services for Educators

Educational Leadership Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing user-friendly data management tools and services that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of educators. ELS tools and services assist schools in gathering, compiling, disaggregating, and analyzing student and teacher data. ELS, Inc. currently has products in over 100 school districts and we are growing rapidly.

Our Philosophy

We believe that easy-to-use technology tools can help educators more effectively and efficiently manage and analyze the ever increasing quantities of student and teacher data. This data holds a key to student success. We also believe that to be effective in schools, technology tools must be streamlined, user-friendly, and able to be mastered in 30 minutes or less. All of our applications are designed with this philosophy in mind.

The Tools